August 05, 2013

The Falls of VanDusen Gardens

We walk around VanDusen Gardens about two or three times a week. The Gardens are a backyard of sorts for us and we enjoy seeing the changes week to week. We also hear from visitors about the falls. The falls seem to be on every tourist's list of things to see while visiting the Gardens.

There is a tropical flair on the way to the falls at VanDusen; the ferns are nearby and they conjure up thoughts of a more primitive time in a hot and humid rain forest.

The falls at VanDusen are perhaps 12 m in height, and possibly 2 m wide at best. They are apparently fed by... a municipal water source. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

I remember some other falls, at Argentina's border with Brasil, where we spent more than several days earlier this year. The Garganto del Diablo, at Iquazu, is 82 m high and 150 m wide. It was hot and steamy and everything was wet beyond belief. It was an adventure.

And yet, so too are the falls at VanDusen. The sound of water falling on rocks and the mist in the air, is not unlike Igauzu, and it's slightly closer to home.

You can see some photos from the other falls here: Iguazu Falls

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