May 20, 2013

The BC Election ~ Fear and Loathing in Lotus Land

A week ago this Tuesday, about fifty per cent of the eligible voters in British Columbia decided to vote in a provincial election. All indications were that later that night we would be celebrating a new provincial government. Apparently it wasn't that easy.

The re-election of a worn out, mean-spirited and corrupt government under the BC Liberals was not supposed to happen. All the polls told us so. Instead we were supposed to see a business-friendly version of a very green NDP. Its new government, under Adrian Dix, would  lead us into the promised land, one practical step at a time.

Bill Tieleman, writing in the commuter paper 24 hrs, said he was bitter. "Not because the BC Liberals won - political opponents have to accept that sometimes the other team had a superior campaign, more ideas, a more effective leader... No, bitterness comes only when the other team plays dirty..." And wins.

The politics of fear and anger, of deception and lies, has won and we are worse for it. Get ready British Columbia. It's going to be a long four more years.

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