August 25, 2015

BC can defeat Stephen Harper

Polls are interesting. And often worth a grain of salt, as we learned from the last provincial election.

The most recent poll from BC shows the NDP solidifying its numbers here in BC with the Conservatives running third and fading.

At this stage of the campaign, voters in BC are moving away from Stephen Harper's Conservatives and towards the NDP. 

That trend makes it ever more important for those of us hoping to put an end to Stephen Harper's government to stick with the NDP. Waffling and shifting votes to the Greens or Liberals will not defeat the Conservatives. 

The other reality is that polls are one thing, actually getting out to vote is another. We saw that truth in the last provincial election too. The only way to really change things in this federal election is to vote and we all have a part to play, especially in encouraging young people.

We're all in this together.

Copyright 2015 by Jim Murray.

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