August 07, 2014

Fishing on Idabel Lake

As most of us probably knew by now, and as Jeem learned yet again for the first time, the best time to fish is when the mosquitoes are biting. There's nothing like a hot summer night, fish hooks getting caught on whatever you happen to be wearing, or body parts as the case might be, and the buzz of the world's most irritating insect.

Idabel Lake is amazingly clear, clean and cool and it's perfect for a dip after a long, hot day visiting wineries, especially as the sun dances on the surface of the water. But enough with the swimming... the fish are jumping and the mosquitoes are biting.

Our fishing guide in this nightly endeavour was Jeem's brother-in-law Rich. Patient with Sherry, less so with Jeem, Rich offered wisdom and gentle direction. "I think maybe over there..." Jeem wondered how in the world he was going to cast a line way over there, never mind getting the hook out of his right ear lobe. As Rich said, "There's an art to this."

We never did catch anything, though Jeem did reel in a floating diving platform by mistake.

The lonely call of the loon, a magnificent night sky and the peace that comes from being in a special place ... that's "the art to this."

Photos by Jim Murray. Copyright 2014. 


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