July 29, 2014

Crows at lunch

Some people have no sense. A young boy doesn't eat the sandwich ordered at our nearby golf club and his parents let him order a different one, which he also leaves unfinished.

Most of us take our plates in to the kitchen, to assist the often busy and short staffed crew in the club house restaurant. But not these people.

We watched as the crows arrived just as the family of four departed. The crows looked over at us and sensing no rivalry for the food, began to help themselves.

It was a feast, until Sherry couldn't take anymore of it, and took the dishes in herself and the crows gave us the cold shoulder.

As for the crows in our tree, it would appear the nest was attacked by a raccoon some weeks ago. Perhaps a hawk might have been involved as we saw one lurking about. In any event, we haven't seen the crow family for weeks, and never did see the fledglings, if indeed they ever reached that stage.

Sometimes it isn't easy being a crow.

Photos by Jim Murray. Copyright 2014.

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