June 03, 2014

Hiking through Mt Taum Ecological Reserve

One day while on Salt Spring, the writer and her consort hiked through part of Mt Taum Ecological Reserve. Established in 1971, which almost seems far too forward thinking to imagine for a government of this province (the most progressive government this province has ever seen didn't come to power until later in 1972) the reserve is rugged and unique.

Located at the southeastern corner of Salt Spring Island the reserve is about 4 km from Fulford Harbour and accessible in part by road and trails. The road deteriorates as one travels further into the reserve. Trails seem to start well enough and then disintegrate. Good things both.

The reserve covers an area of 362 hectares and an elevation ranging from zero to 420 metres. Jeem y Sherry did not hike the entire area.

We did discover the freshest tasting water on the island and some wonderful little waterfalls.

The site contains meadows, Garry Oak ecosystems (in BC, only 5% remain in near natural conditions) and maturing Douglas Firs forests.

The reserve is rich in life and full of subtle fragrances and the wonderful sounds of silence.

Photos by Jim Murray. Copyright 2014.