June 07, 2017

Jeem organises a Nomination Meeting. Almost. ~ March 15

For some reason Jeem and B.T. Mendelbaum were both called in to help with the Nomination Meeting. This might have added to the confusion because neither have any experience in politics, apart from the time B.T. Mendelbaum got in the middle of a large donation to a politician, in a parking lot in the middle of the night.

We all wanted to hold the meeting in the evening, at a local community centre, but no, apparently our community centres have "a thing" about political meetings, especially if the media are present. A time sensitive window for the nomination was in danger of closing... so... Mendelbaum came up with the idea of having it at the Scottish Cultural Centre. "I've always like the bagpipes, and wee dram too," he said hopefully.

We showed up early to move chairs around, turn on the coffee and take care of the traditional NDP balloons. "What's with the NDP and balloons?" asked B.T. Mendelbaum.  No one answered.

Everybody got into blowing up the balloons, including the candidate, and other candidates too, like the amazing David Eby.

Candidates: James Wang,
David Eby and Chak Au

We expected maybe 40 or 50 members, and we might have come close to that target. The candidate, not to be outdone, invited a bunch of people from throughout the region, and that more than doubled our attendance. Or maybe they came for the balloons?

James Wang accepts the nomination
Stefan Nielsen nominates the candidate
David Eby speaks to our values and the
issues of the election
Candidates: Chak Au, James Wang, Anne Kang, David Eby,
 Lyren Chiu, Katrina Chen and George Chow
It was the official beginning to our campaign in Vancouver-Langara, and the only thing missing was the sound of the pipes. Pity. "And whisky" muttered B. T. Mendelbaum.

Photos by Jeem. Copyright 2017 by Jim Murray.

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